Should I leave my job…and other BIG questions

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2022

At some point, we all grapple with those BIG questions…Questions like: Should I leave my job? Am I really happy? What am I really leaving as a legacy?

Today we’re talking about what to do when they come up.

I've seen this true across the board with people I have come into contact with through Certified High Performance Coaching – these are questions we ponder. We think about whether we are really fulfilled, or if the different parts of our lives are really working. But we don't tend to talk openly about these things with others.

In coaching sessions, these are exactly the types of things that we talk about. But since everybody is not experiencing coaching on a regular basis, I wanted to take a minute to talk about what to do when you have one of these big life questions.

In coaching sessions with my clients, we always start with clarity when we talk about big life questions. A common mistake in this area is that when we are thinking about big life changes, we start to think a lot about fixing what's wrong. This is common across the board. But it's very important to shift that approach, because you're not going to get the best kind of solution by doing that as you will by stepping back and gaining some clarity.

While this may seem a little bit esoteric as we cover it today, it's actually quite scientifically based. There is a whole framework (the Logical Evolution Framework) and a course about that framework available on my website if you're interested in learning more.

Starting with clarity is about tapping into the tinier, more subtle realms of physics, because on that deeper level is really where the rest propagates from. Being out in the problem and trying to address a solution to the problem will not get you as far as quickly or as effectively as stepping back and creating solution. Solving problems is out here in the big realm, you can't do much in the already manifested realm. Creating solution is coming back to closer to the source of where our life really propagates from.

Let's use the example today of “Should I leave my job?” I'm sure everybody ponders that at some point or another, and we can get really, really wrapped up in a cycle of overthinking about it. What I recommend in this this case is to ask yourself these questions: “What are the qualities that I want to experience in my job? How do I want it to feel? What do I want my interactions to be like? What of my own qualities do I want to be able to express? Do I want to be leading something and have a lot of collaboration or do I want to be able to focus on an area and really dive into that on my own? Do I want freedom in my in my schedule or do I want something that has a very specific rhythm?

In all these questions, it really comes down to – What do I want the day to feel like, the work to feel like and what do I want the rhythm of my day to be like?

This thinking process takes you out of this external realm of changing what's already there – in that place you're more limited. It takes you into a place that is more open to solutions, so you're able to come up with different ideas and you also have the possibility that shifts can happen.

I've had this happen in my own life. At one point in my own work life, there was an environment that just wasn't working for me. When I thought about what I really wanted in my day-to-day life, the job I was already in shifted! I didn’t have to do anything outside of gaining that clarity!

Things like this can happen for you.

If we're in problem solving mode, we just feel like we need to change what's happening. But by stepping back and thinking about “what do I want to create?” all sorts of different possibilities can come and answer that as a solution.

This is one example, but you can take that same idea of the qualities and apply it to any of the other big questions you might be having. If you want guidance in that process, please reach out to me! Send me a message through my website and we can have a strategy session at no cost to you.


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