Imagination is evolution

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021

I want to talk about a topic that you might not think about very often – imagination.

I was prompted to speak on this topic because of something I overheard at the salon, and I realized that it's something we need to talk about more. I heard a client talking to her stylist about engaging with her nieces and nephews and how they like to play characters. She explained that when she comes to play with them, she’s at a loss at imaginary play. She talked about the elaborate stories she would engage in when she was young, but now she freezes when she has to use that imagination.

What I realized is that we all need to be reminded – we are always using our imagination, we just might not be using it well or intentionally. I say this because we all spend significant time thinking about how things might turn out. What we may not have consciously realized is that this is your imagination, right?!?

If something hasn't happened yet, and you are predicting outcomes, you are using your imagination. You might think you're using your logic, because you have “past experience,” but that’s incorrect. What that’s doing is just making the past more likely to repeat.

Imagination is helping to shape your future. (There's a whole course I do around this – Logical Evolution Mastery, you can find out more on my website.) That’s an entire conversation in itself, but the key is in what quantum physics tells us about how the way we think influences our future.

So if something hasn't happened yet, and you have the opportunity to imagine about it, pick something that's going to be helpful, and also be more enjoyable. When we imagine the negative outcome, not only does that make that outcome more possible, but it's not enjoyable, and we just start to dread things more. When we do the opposite, the opposite happens, right? Not only are we imagining something wonderful, which helps that happen more, but it feels better to think about.

It takes practice, and it's worth the practice. We have the ability to think anything we want. So let's, let's use that ability well.

What's the next future you'd like to see? Where would you would you like to be living? What would you like to be doing on a day-to-day basis? Who would you have liked to have in your life? How would you like to be feeling on a physical, emotional, and mental level? What kind of activities would you want to do in your day?

Having imagination is essential to evolution. If you're a daydreamer, you might just close your eyes and think; if you’re a journaler, open a notebook. Start some visioning, get to work on that imagination being used for your good and for your evolution.

If you are ready for a guide in this process, message me today and we’ll set up a chat.


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